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Sorry for the outage

Hi everyone, As you might have noticed, this site got hacked.  Somebody guessed my admin password (which stupidly was the title of the book) and filled it with malware.  My ISP  noticed and took the site down, and Google dropped it from search results. A couple of important lessons here.  First, make your passwords hard to guess. Duh.  I would not have thought that my site would be a target, but it... read more

What do people do about comment SPAM?

Regretfully, this this site gets so much comment spam, I don’t think I can allow comments anymore.  The occasional great comments and discussions I was hoping to get are drowned out in a flood of spam. None of it ever gets posted on the site, so you think people would give up… but it is so tedious to go through and delete all this junk!  Some great comments are interspersed and I’d love... read more

Updated timeline

Hi all, Although in the KickStarter pitch I optimistically thought the book would be done by the end of October, I now see that I grossly underestimated the effort required.  Each weekend I put in 10 – 15 hours, thinking to myself  ‘Surely it will be all done by Sunday night’, but I keep thinking of more topics to cover and different exercises and ways to express it. Sorry for the... read more