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Happy 20th birthday to PHP

I missed this last week, but PHP is now 20.  Happy Birthday!  Tons of articles out there in celebration, such as read more

The print edition is available on CreateSpace

Get it here  –> read more

Bug found in ‘createdb.php’ script

Hello Joy of PHP readers, An asture reader has pointed out a bug in one of my scripts and, frankly, it was so embarassing that I just had to share it with you all. I’d like to think it’s a mistake any beginner can make, and as such I want to share it with you so that you don’t learn the wrong things. The mistake I made was related to using PHP to interact with the mySQL database.  There... read more

Updated table of contents

Hi all, As I write, I tend to fill in the sections I want to cover first, then go back and fill in  the content.  Each time I do this, the Table of Contents automatically updates… which is very nice.  So I updated the earlier post on the TOC so you can see how it is evolving. Alan read more