About the book

The Joy of Programming PHP

PHP is a great programming language. It’s free, powerful, relatively easy to setup and learn, and it has extensions and frameworks available to do almost anything you could imagine.  Frankly, it’s just plain fun too.

But if you’ve never programmed before or have programmed before but not with PHP and want to learn it, wouldn’t it be great to find a tutorial that  conveyed the sheer joy of it?  That’s what I wanted to do!  But I didn’t know if anybody would care, so I pitched it on Kickstarter to see if it would have any interest.  After all, why write a book if nobody wants it.   But it turned out there was interest.   Over 500 people ordered a copy in advance of my writing.      So now I’m on the hook.   So many people ordered it that I expanded my scope a bit, and the book is going to be at least 15 chapters.

The book will give a concise introduction to everything you might actually want to do with PHP, but with fun as one of the goals.  I want to inspire a new generation of programmers.

We’ll start with an overview of the basics, then dive into a hands-on exercise right away to give an early sense of accomplishment.

The book will stand on it’s own, but this web site will serve as its companion, where you can download the samples and exercises.

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