Get the Code

Hello! I hope you are here because you have a copy of my book, The Joy of PHP, and you’re ready to start coding yourself!  Welcome!

Looking for code for “Joy of PHP: Deep Dive into Sessions”?  Get it here.

Note that there is some ‘bonus‘ source code which takes the basic examples from the book and extends them.

For instance, the book describes a simple four-field form to create and edit cars for ‘Sam’s Used Cars’ web site, while the bonus content extends the simple form to allow editing of all the fields associated with the cars. I didn’t cover that in the book, because the extra fields could take away from understanding the concept, and I really wanted you to get the concepts first.   If you have the concepts down, you might be interested in going beyond what the book provides and see what you can do.  So I offer the form extended to something more production ready.  After all, I assume you’re reading the book because you want to build something!    I also add a form that allows you to search for specific types of cars.

So please, join the mailing list, and I will email you the source code right away, the bonus code about a week later, and the extras as they come along.  The mailing list is managed by, so if you lose interest, you can opt out any time— and there is nothing I can do to stop it, nor would I want to.  I want a list of people interested in learning PHP and taking their skills to the next level.

Speaking of which, if you do something cool with the source code, and want to share it with the other readers, please email me and I’ll look it over and maybe pass it along to the subscribers of this list.  I don’t think you want to miss it, folks.

Happy coding,


PS – If you are writing a PHP application and need somewhere to host it, I recommend BlueHost.